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"Explodes the elitism of the classical concert-going experience."



"Here are four amazingly talented hornists with some very hip music - moments of inspiration, sorrow, silliness, love, virtuosic display, but above all: JUST PLAIN FUN."

International Horn Call

"The range of brilliant playing keeps the evening exciting from the start to the last encore."

Concert Presenter, Tabernash, CO, in response to Quadre's GLOBAL HORNING program

"Zaps the myth that classical stuff's stuffy!"

Birmingham News

"What a wonderful series of concerts you presented!  The interactive program you designed was engaging and informative, and students and teachers alike were fascinated.  It is a pleasure working with your group."

School of Music and Arts, Mountain View CA


"This group of artists shares their talent and high energy in an exciting and unusual display; a hearty bravo/brava to their creativity and invention!"

          International Horn Call

"Their attention to details of balance, ensemble and intonation is exemplary.  Lets hope they are able to make a visit to the UK soon."

British Horn Player Magazine

"Your four horns were truly one voice that drew pictures in each piece for me.  Thank you for that evening!"

Audience Member