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QUADRE: Photos

photographer: Dmitri von Klein,
photographer: Dmitri von Klein,
Photographer:  Dmitri von Klein
An entertaining concert program that explores the evolution of the horn and horn music of all kinds around the globe.
NATHAN PAWELEK  photographer: Dmitri Von Klein,
AMY JO RHINE  photographer: Dmitri Von Klein,
DANIEL WOOD  photographer: Dmitri Von Klein,
LYDIA VAN DREEL  photographer: Dmitri Von Klein,
This action packed concert program welcomes you to Horniversal Studios with an interactive tour of the popular film score.
QUADRE with students at the Freeman Academy SD
Quadre visits Columbine Elementary School, Boulder, CO
A concert program with original arrangements of holiday favorites served up in true QUADRE style.
Quadre's newest CD that explores the intricate human condition through relationships with time and change
Features original arrangements of holiday favorites
QUADRE's premiere CD featuring music from classical to pop to jazz.
QUADRE's second CD featuring all original brass compositions influenced by jazz and world music.
QUADRE enoys the applause at the University of Oregon, Eugene: April 2010